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Interprète(s): Ryô Ogura

Paroles de Momoko Kitadai

Musique de Ryô Ogura

Arrangement de Kôshô Otani

Durée: 5:21


Heat of the night

They just can't resist your love

In the heat of the night

They'll just come and get your love

Don't waste your time and come to me now, oh no

I'm moving on, so long

Bright city lights

can hide the darkness of your face

Yeah, those bright city lights

can hide the scars right on your face

Don't waste your time 'cuz I can see now, oh no

I'm moving on, so long

You try to get away

But something makes you stay

The temperature is rising

Feel your body hot and burning

Got to get away,

You've got to get away

But something makes you hang on

Oh, night time city, some things just ain't pretty

In the city, you're blinded you can't see

Nighttime city, you've got to stay steady

In the city, just hold on baby



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Source: Serpent City Hunter

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